Soft containers like “BIG-BEG”

Soft big-bag containers are made from polypropylene fabric with the addition of UV stabilizers.

the ability to use for a wide range of powdered and granular materials, including food;
variety of design options;
minimum tare with a loading capacity of up to 1500 kg;
low cost;
the possibility of processing and reusable use;
low product losses at all stages of circulation;
the efficiency of loading and unloading during packaging, storage and transportation;
the ability to store goods in open areas;
delivery by any means of transport;
environmental Safety.
Soft containers can be made:

tissue density – 90 – 210 g / m2;
single use, safety factor 5: 1; 6: 1.
carrying capacity from 500 to 1500 kg;
2, 4 slings, with a side seaming;
loading and unloading valve, polyethylene liner;
the width of the container in a flat form – 1200 – 2200 mm;
loading height – 650 – 1850 mm;
four-color printing.
Big Bag Constructions:

with loading and unloading sleeve (hatch)
with additional lengthening “skirt”

The containers are stacked in press bales in an amount of not more than 10 pieces, are tied with twine or other binding material and packaged in polypropylene fabric. Can be palletized on pallets (from 100 pcs.).

Warranty period of storage: 1 year.

chemical (fertilizers, synthetic resins, detergents, powders, pesticides, granular polymers, various mixtures and solutions);
mining (mineral fertilizers, salt, fine ore, etc.);
oil refining (peat, granular products);
metallurgical (small scrap, shavings, chips, powders and additives);
woodworking (shavings, sawdust);
agro-industrial complex (grain, compound feed, flour, sugar, bran, etc.);
construction (cement, dry mortar).

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