Our company in Poland is able to supply salt in various packaging to European countries. We are dealers representing the interests and trademark of the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise. Production volumes are about 7 million tons per year.

* food salt; grinding 0.1, 2, 3; Packing of 1 kg, bags of 25 and 50 kg;

* food iodized salt, grinding 1; Packing 1 kg.

* salt blocks for animals (licks).

* tableted salt (salt is intended for the regeneration of ion-exchange resins, which are used as filter material in all filters for deferrization and softening water)

* rock salt for industrial processing Used for various industries:
metallurgical, oil and gas, energy, chemical, pulp and paper, textile, as well as utilities and road services. With anti-caking additive that prevents caking and clumping,
with potassium ferrocyanide (K4 [Fe (CN) 3] · 3H2O) and mass fraction the additive should not exceed 1.50 · 10-2% (150 g / t).


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